THIS WEBSITE is intended to present the potential of the SEI FU METHOD and its ACHIEVEMENTS as well as its NATIONAL AND LOCAL COMMUNITIES and THEIR Mutual TIES worldwide.

Sei Fu Method

Our world needs a better knowledge transfer dimension which we really have to work on. For many problems, we may have the solutions, but we're not necessarily using them.

SEI FU has matured for more than twenty years, but for most experts and the public audience it is still unknown as a newly born infant.

Sei Fu - A Brief Overview

A concise 16 pages PDF presentation provided by Sei Fu Institute Germany.

Sei Fu Communities

Our world is home to more than seven billion humans habiting in about two hundred countries. Most of them are suffering from social, physical, mental disorders. They should know that there is a tool around which has the potential to improve their living conditon dramatically.

Sei Fu has spread from Japan to Malaysia, Indonesia and Germany, and is on its way to conquer more countries on all continents. 

Sei Fu Head Office, Nagoya

The Founding Father of Sei Fu - Dr. Xu Jian - developed his method and therapy over more than twenty years in Nagoya, Japan. In the meantime there are hundreds of Sei Fu instructors and more than 5000 Sei Fu therapists. The following link will lead you to the Sei Fu Global Head Office at Nagoya: 

Sei Fu Rejuvenate 整肤, KL

Sei Fu Rejuvenate, Malaysia was primarily set up by Aggness Hoo and her younger brother Hanjerome Hoo in 2013 at Kuala Lumpur. They have been very successful implementing and marketing the Sei Fu Method and Therapy in their country so that there are already a handful of Sei Fu instructors and more than 100 experienced therapists. Here you will get to their Facebook website: .

Sei Fu Institute, Berlin

The German Sei Fu Institute was inspired by our Sei Fu Family Members in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After a period of intense training in KL and in Nagoya Hazel and Paul started to set up their German Sei Fu Institute in 2014. This is the Link to their German language website: